Unified modern aesthetic which is available in 4 unique colorways with a beautifully crafted 3-piece panoramic glass and dual chamber interior.
Massive 4 slot vertical graphics with an included luxury PCIE 4.0 x 16 riser which sports a color-matched canopy for uninterrupted visual flow.
Ginormous cooling capacity with support for up to a 360mm radiator on the side (125mm thick) and adjustable top (68mm thick) of the case along with cold floor cooling that can fit either a trio of 120mm or duo of 140mm fans up to 32mm thick down below.
Exquisite detailing such as helpful labels, reusable Velcro straps, floating storage sleds, and clicky blue power switch are present throughout the case.
Premium build experience made possible by using the finest materials, tightest tolerances, and tool-less panels with extensive cable management space in the rear chamber of the chassis.

400,000 ع.د 400000.0 IQ 400,000 ع.د

400,000 ع.د

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